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Sustainable Transport Around the World

In the transportation sector, products and applications focus on cost-efficient solutions for moving people and commodities around the globe, while conforming to high safety and sustainability standards. The next generation of vehicles is already being developed to take advantage of new technologies, such as data exchange between vehicles, alternative fuel and powertrain technologies that work similar or better compared to traditional fuel and powertrains.

Designed and pre-validated to be as lightweight as possible, and provide faster response time and better accuracy, our exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves, intake throttles, exhaust throttles, waste gate valves, exhaust brake valves (EBV) and bypass valves help reduce emissions, increase fuel efficiency and ensure the lowest level of emissions leakage possible. Our EBV and EGR valves already help our customers meet the standards set by the new Euro7/VII emission standards, as well as U.S. EPA and California Air Resources Board standards for greenhouse gas emissions.

On-highway vehicles
off-highway vehicles


Off-highway vehicles require the longest possible service life, with low maintenance costs and a high level of functional reliability. Construction, agriculture, mining and forestry equipment must deliver minimum environmental impact, despite being continuously exposed to tough environments and rough duty cycles. This includes temperature swings, shock, vibration, water and dust. Research continues on hydrogen combustion, fuel cells and alternative fuels for multiple applications, all designed for zero-carbon emissions.

Through design and material selection, our engineers and product developers create the best solutions to support our customers’ performance and durability needs, while helping meet the required emission reduction targets. To ensure energy efficiency and environmentally friendly exhaust gas recirculation, our EGR valves, intake throttles, exhaust throttles, waste gate valves, exhaust brake valves and bypass valves have a unique design and are made with extensively validated materials that allow them to function efficiently and effectively with multiple fuel types. All products are designed with sustainably in mind to support this industry in observing the limits established in Europe and the U.S.


maximum durability and reliability

Use of intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) will likely expand as they are more widely adopted by industry and used in expanding global trade. Commonly used on IBCs, our venting solutions are designed to protect your cargo by allowing for positive and negative pressure, and vacuum relief during thermal expansion and contraction. Our products resist corrosion and ensure top durability and efficiency, so you can safely transport and store chemicals, solvents, pharmaceuticals and other liquids while eliminating the potential for contamination and reducing environmental impact.

Breathing solutions, such as simple or filtered breathers and expansion chambers, are available for other industrial applications. This includes gearboxes, pumps, machinery drives, and electrical enclosures and solutions for automotive applications, such as heavy-duty axle vehicles.

Gits also offers a variety of lubrication components, such as liquid-level view sight gauges, oil hole covers and cups, and bottle oilers, which are used in a wide variety of industrial applications such as pumps, gearboxes, electric motors, bearing assemblies, lubrication reservoirs and hydraulic tanks.

Gits “Take-Apart” shaft seals are specifically designed to offer ease of assembly and field maintenance without any modification to existing equipment. Our seals offer simplicity for dependable performance and are suitable for a wide range of operating conditions.

Industrial markets
Power Gen


Robust performance and control

As economic development, population and infrastructure grow, so does the demand for energy. Now more than ever, a cost-effective and reliable energy supply is essential. Fuels produced from renewable energy sources are very environmentally friendly, given the fact that they also support decarbonization. Cogeneration and trigeneration with gas gensets, using biogas, biomethane, hydrogen or synthetic methane, is a highly efficient and flexible heating solution. It also provides cooling while optimizing power availability. Further emissions reductions can be achieved with aftertreatment solutions.

The unique design of our exhaust gas recirculation valves, intake throttles, exhaust throttles, waste gate valves, exhaust brake valves and bypass valves helps ensure the lowest level of emissions possible, and a high degree of dependability and safety, critical issues to protect human health.


Reliability, durability and ultimate performance

Sustainability is a key priority in the marine industry today. The International Maritime Organization, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Safety of Life at Sea guidelines have set ambitious emission reduction targets for 2030 and 2050, as well as regulations for hours and run time. Meeting them requires vessel performance to be optimized from design to operations.

We offer reliable and efficient solutions for marine diesel and gas engines. Our valves help meet the strict IMO emissions standards for ships’ engines, focusing on tight shut off, corrosion resistance and control. Gits exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves, intake throttles, exhaust throttles, waste gate valves, exhaust brake valves (EBV) and bypass valves ensure top fuel economy and the lowest level of emissions leakage possible, while the unique design addresses potential issues of corrosion and water damage to electronics.

Marine market
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Our cutting-edge production technologies and approaches ensure compliance with stringent quality specifications. Our high standards are built on a quality management system, certified under ISO/TS 16949:2009. 

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