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Brush Oilers

Brush oilers save maintenance costs, protect machines from failure, increase chain life, conserve oil and power and solve production oiling problems.  See the easy to use diagram below to determine what configuration is best for your application.  Transparent Acrylic reservoir permits a quick visual check of oil supply. Large, self-closing cap is easy to fill and keeps out the dirt. Flow is controlled by a valve which immediately starts or stops the gravity feeding of the sight feed valve. To mount the dispenser simply provide a bracket to hold the 5/8″ x 18 NPT threaded mounting shank. Choose your reservoir, available in sizes from 1 Pint to 1 Gallon in both Manual or Solenoid Shut-Off styles.
Manual valve model is easy to turn on and off by hand with the toggle mounted directly on the dispenser. Solenoid valve model is recommended for intermittent use or for remote location of dispenser. Flow is automatically controlled to stop and start with the machine driving motor. The normally closed electric solenoid valve is usually wired across the motor or to a switch or timer. These units come standard with a 115-volt coil but special coils can be ordered.

Product Options

Available Options

 SKUTypeBottleCross SectionA (in.)B (in.)D (in.)CapacitySolenoid
09502ManualAcryllicA3-1/27-3/167-13/161 PT
09503ManualGlassA3-1/27-3/167-13/161 PT
09504ManualAcryllicA4-1/48-1/29-1/81 QT
09505ManualGlassA4-1/48-1/29-1/81 QT120V/60HZ
09506ManualAcryllicA5-1/210-5/811-1/41/2 GAL
09507ManualGlassA5-1/210-5/811-1/41/2 GAL
095012AutomaticAcryllicB3-1/27-3/167-13/161 PT120V/60HZ
095013AutomaticGlassB3-1/27-3/167-13/161 PT120V/60HZ
095014AutomaticAcryllicB4-1/48-1/29-1/81 QT120V/60HZ
095015AutomaticGlassB4-1/48-1/29-1/81 QT120V/60HZ
095016AutomaticAcryllicB5-1/210-5/811-1/41/2 GAL120V/60HZ
095017AutomaticGlassB5-1/210-5/811-1/41/2 GAL120V/60HZ

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