Brush Oiler System Components - GITS

Brush Oiler System Components

Straight Brush Holder Brush holder for brush 09561 and 09562
Brush Adaptor  

Mount brush so that bristles lightly “finger” the chain. Periodically rotate brush and reset height to compensate for brush wear. When 1/2″ of an adjustment is reached brush should be replaced with new Gits brush.

Sight Feed Valve  

The proper oil feed is just enough to keep the bristles damp. This is easily controlled by the sight feed valve. The drops can be observed and adjusted over a wide range, or can be completely shut off. The proper setting is retained with a friction screw. IMPORTANT: Locate feed valve where it can be conveniently and safely observed and adjusted.


This coupling is used to connect the sight feed valve to the dispenser. For remote location of the dispenser use 1/4″ copper tubing and 1/8 NPT fittings between coupling and sight feed valve. Use No. 09522 to connect two or more sight feed valves together.


For best lubrication of chain, locate brush on lower inside surface of chain so oil will penetrate links by centrifugal force. Brush should just cover width of chain. Gits Flat Brush mounted diagonally fits chain from 3/8″ to 2-1/4″ wide. Use standard bristles for most applications. For high-speed chain, use crimped Nylon (up to 250 deg F) or stainless steel bristles (over 250 deg F). Nylon Roto Brushes are designed for litho ovens and other heavy duty uses.

Product Options

Available Options

 SKUProductMaterialDiameter (in.)
09562Flat BrushStainless
09570Roto BrushNylon
09571Roto BrushStainless
09573Round BrushNylon5/8"
09552Round BrushStainless1 "
09530Sight Feed Valve

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