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Expansion Chambers

The Gits Expansion Chamber absorbs surges and expansion of gas or fluids in a closed system. Expansion is provided by the movement of a tough, elastic diaphragm enclosed in a protective steel chamber. On machines with lip-type seals it reduces pressure build-up which can cause seal failure. At the same time it prevents the contamination which enters through conventional means of open venting. Ideal for use in wet, dusty or hot environments, the Gits Expansion Chamber can extend the life of seals, bearings and gears, and can also result in longer life for lubricants and hydraulic fluids. Provided in a range of standard sizes and capabilities, the Gits Expansion Chamber can be modified on application to be used as a transducer or actuator.

Product Options

Available Options

 SKUThreadA in.B in.C in.Capacity cu. in.Style
1010-05000001/2-14 NPT2-7/81-1/41-1/45Expansion Chambers - Steel, Trivalent Zinc Plating
1010-1040013/8-18 NPT2-5/83-7/161-1/810.4
1010-23/8-18 NPT3-5/82-3/87/816.0
1010-13/4-14 NPT3-5/82-3/81-1/416.0
1010-81/4-18 NPT3-11/162-3/81-3/416.25
1010-61/2-14 NPT3-5/82-3/8116.25
1010-025001+1/2-14 NPT3-5/83-11/16125.0
1010-0250021/2-14 NPT3-5/83-11/16125.0
1010-28*1/2-14 NPT73-1/16186
1010-070000*1/2-14 NPT7-1/162-5/81-1/1670.0
1010-18*1/2-14 NPT731-1/1680.0
1010-23+1/2-14 NPT73380.0
1010-150000*+3/4-14 NPT77-13/321-15/32150.0
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