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Style 1611 Filtered Pressure/Vacuum Relief Vents

These multi-purpose breather vents safeguard against extreme pressure or vacuum build-up while filtering out dust and other contaminates which can impair the functioning of expensive equipment. HOW IT WORKS. 1. As internal pressure nears the pre-set cracking level, it presses the plunger upward until the resilient seal clears the port, allowing the outflow of air.

2. Since this vent permits two-way air flow, it can also relieve a vacuum which can cause cavitation. The vacuum is cracked when the plunger is pulled down from the seal, allowing an inrush of air.

Product Options

Available Options

 SKUThreadFilterPressure relief PSIPressure relief flowVacuum relief PSIVacuum relief flowStyle
1611-0373013/8-18 NPT25 micron4 ±0.510 CFM @10 PSI0 to 0.51.5 CFM @0.6 PSI1611 Series - Steel, Trivalent Zinc Plating
1612-0374053/8-18 NPT25 micron1.75 ±0.7540 CFM @10 PSI0 to 0.51.0 CFM @0.6 PSI
1612-0374013/8-18 NPT10 micron1.75 ±0.7540 CFM @10 PSI0 to 0.51.0 CFM @0.6 PSI
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