Style SFA Polycarbonate Body Wick Feed - GITS

Style SFA Polycarbonate Body Wick Feed

This line of Wick Feed oilers has a visible oil supply and convenient spring-hinged cover for easy filling.  Available with transparent ,non-yellowing reservoir.  Stems are machined from solid bar stock and have a hexagon wrench hold. Metal bases are rolled tightly onto the reservoirs and the inserted filler cap is expanded to assure a secure joint. Polycarbonate oilers are highly recommended for use on new equipment.

Product Options

Available Options

 SKUA in.B in.C in.D in.E in.Capacity in OZ
035021/8-27 NPT2-1/41-13/322-9/162-1/161-1/2
035031/4-18 NPT2-1/41-13/322-9/162-1/161-1/2

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