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Style Y Elbow

Style Y oil cups represent quality at low cost. Oiler bodies are drawn from cold rolled strip. Shanks are machined from hexagon bar stock. Shank is secured to oiler body to form a mechanically tight connection. The joint is thoroughly brazed to further strengthen the connection and make it dependably leak-proof.

Style Y – Steel, Trivalent Zinc Plating

Product Options

Available Options

 SKUA in.B in.C in.D in.E in.F in.Capacity in OZ
008011/8-27 NPT5/161-11/325/815/161-19/321/8
008031/8-27 NPT5/161-11/161-3/321-7/162-5/81/2
008041/4-18 NPT7/161-15/1611-7/162-1/21/2
008073/8-18 NPT7/162-13/321-5/82-1/1641-7/8
008081/2-14 NPT9/163-1/21-3/82-1/1643-3/4
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